Magic Square MS-B39 Crane Master & B40 Load Master


Fictional Character: Crane Master & Load Master
Figure Height: 12 cm
Instruction *1
Collector Card *2
Handgun *2
Combiner Blaster *1
Combiner Head & Chestplate*1
Combiner Waist & Thighs *1
Combiner Waist Armor *1
Combiner Knee Extension *2
Combiner Thigh Armor *2

Crane Master & Load Master are legends scale figures – standing approximately 4.7inches tall in robot mode and can be transformed from construction vehicles to robot forms. Figures can be combined with other sets (sold separately) MS-B37 Shovel Master & B38 Roller Master and MS-B41 Excavator Master & B42 Bulldozer Master to form a construction gestalt.

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