Hey whomever is reading! It’s almost December and it has been months since I last wrote on my blog or even did a toy review. At one point I had been working some long hours at work – my 10 -5 job, doing 6 days a week for a couple of months. Trying and failing miserably to get the house ready to sell, dealing with personal issues and of course just trying to sell old stock while bringing in new! Our crashing Canadian dollar has done no one any favors, and honestly I’ve had too many people renege on me way too many times. It honestly makes me want to button up and hunker down. I’m optimistic that things will get better, but it always gets darker before we see the light right? Anyway enough of my yammering… here is the latest offering from X-Transbots, MXII Andras. A beautiful looking figure and much improved in all respects from the massive undertaking that was Apollyon. Review to come soon!