The name Madhaus comes literally from the state of my home. It’s insane, how much toys litter across the house. I’m sure I would be a great candidate for some of those ‘reality’ TV shows about hoarding or toy collecting. As a friend of my suggested, I need an intervention.

It’s been over 22 years of collecting, 5 years of selling at toy shows, meeting people in parking lots and coffee shops, and selling out of my own home. I have several people to thank over the years while I’ve been in this hobby, one of my best friends, Eoghan, for waking up on Sundays when we were young to accompany me to toy shows back in the early 90s, my best girl-friend and sometimes business partner, Jo, for helping me at shows and managing my micromanaging, and of course my departed Dad, who bought me crap loads when I was a child and helped foster my imagination. I think you guys should share the blame.

It’s safe to say I’ve worked hard to build a relationship and reputation within my toy community (Ontario and Canada). I shoot from the hip and tell you how it is. If you ask for my thoughts on a product, I will answer truthfully and won’t sugar coat it –even if I don’t like it and it’s in my lineup. No one likes to open up a present and find a lump of coal, and I am definitely not a peddler of that experience.

You can find me at most Toronto shows and contact me through email. If I don’t answer within 24hrs, send for help. You can also check me out on facebook – Madhaus toys and friend me up!